Jashpur Wildlife Welfare Foundation (JWWF) is a conservation NGO based in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh, India. Our prime eye is to conserve wildlife, ecology, natural resources and sustainable livelihoods for an improved environment. JWWF is a name of conviction in the protection hover through its work, enthusiasm and devotion. We work for a superior future where logical research, information spread, group commitment and approach promotion are assembled to accomplish practical improvement. JWWF is registered under Chhattisgarh Society Registration Act, 1973 (Registration No.122201832108).


  • Wildlife and Vegetation conservation through Research, Planning and Extensive Work.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Documentation of Ecosystem and its services.
  • Sensitizing and Building Behavioural change in Humans for Wildlife and Vegetation.
  • Protection of Sustainable Livelihood by reviving natural resources for betterment of mankind.
  • To awaken feeling of Co-Existence between Human and Wild Animals.
  • Stopping misuse of Environmental Resources.

For the past years we have been working on-

  • Bird conservation through Workshops, Seminars and Public Meetings.
  • Human – Elephant Conflict Reduction.
  • Awareness for reduction in forest fire.
  • Eco-Tourism and Livelihood generation through it.
  • Plantation
  • Promotion of sustainable fuels for households.
  • Conservation and promotion of medicinal plant species.